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Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman is known for his rebellious style. His creations span painting, illustration, and street art, bursting with vitality and playfulness. Living in the bustling city of New York, Burgerman draws inspiration from its chaos, incorporating elements of noise, trash, graffiti, and cartoon characters from his upbringing into his works. His art showcases an infinite pursuit of creativity, allowing viewers to experience the power and joy of art.


Selected Exhibitions



Solo show 'Economies of Scale', Deshan Art Space, Beijing, China


Group show, 'Back to Black', Madre Museum, Naples, Italy

Group show, V&A Museum Street Art in Print exhibition, touring across the UK Autumn 2010 - 2012


Papering Over The Cracks, installation at the Castle Museum, Nottingham, UK


Group show 'On!', CAC Museum, Cincinnati, USA

Solo show 'Racing Lines', Southbank Centre, London, UK


Solo show 'Burgerworld', LOTTE Art Space, Seoul, Korea


Instagram group exhibition, Tate Modern, London, UK



Solo show 'Fun Factory', M Contemporary Museum, Seoul, Korea


Group show 'Can't-Wait To Meet You', Primary, Miami, USA

Group show 'Caterpillar', Galerie Silka, Lyon, France

Solo show 'Eye Candy', Praise Shadows, Boston, USA

ARCO Madrid art fair, L21 Gallery booth, Madrid, Spain

Solo booth, Urban Break art fair, Seoul, Korea

Group show 'Summer Camp', GR Gallery, Manhattan, NY, USA

MISA Art fair, König Galerie, Berlin, Germany

Solo presentation 'Fuzzy Faces', Thinkspace, LA

Group show, NFTism: No Fear in Trying, curated by Kenny Schachter, Institut, Unit, London, UK

Group show 'Badass', Dopeness Art Lab, Taipei, Taiwan

Art Taipei fair booth with Dopeness Art Lab, Taipei, Taiwan

MISA Art fair, König Galerie, Cologne, Germany

Solo show 'Face Time', Dopeness Art Lab, Taipei, Taiwan


Solo show 'Hot Spot', Ojiri Gallery, London

Solo show 'New Friends', WOAW Gallery, Hong Kong

BAMA art fair, Busan, Korea

Group show 'Vision X' at Chengdu Times Art Museum, China

Group show 'Punchline' at Jane Lombard Gallery, New York

Solo show 'Group Therapy' at WOAW Gallery, China

Group show, L21 Gallery, Palma, Spain

Solo show 'No Hard Feelings' at Galerie Slika, Lyon, France

Solo show at Harbour City, Hong Kong


SG Art Fair, Singapore with WOAW Gallery, Hong Kong

Group show 'Search Party' at Tatjana Pieters, Belgium

Group show "Enchanted Bloom: The Artful Garden" Mr. Wing Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

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