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Daniel Richter

In the 1990s, during the era of German reunification, Richter gained recognition as he shifted from music to art. He began his career designing posters and album covers for bands, showcasing early works with bold colors and abstract forms, conveying rebellious ideas between street graffiti and intricate design. From 2002, his art incorporated human figures inspired by reproductions from newspapers and history books, presented in vivid colors, creating a mysterious fable-like atmosphere. Influenced by Symbolist artists, Richter combines art history, mass media, and pop culture to craft a unique and surreal world. His high-intensity colors, strong contrasts, and abstract patterns evoke a sense of unease, blurring logic in the background's depiction of time, space, and imagery. This exhibition features Richter's recent works, exploring the interplay of figurative and abstract elements, with fragmented bodies intertwined amidst a colorful backdrop, a hallmark of his recent creativity, driven by his fascination with unchanging figure configurations.

利希特在1990年代,東西德統一時期,嶄露頭角,當時他從音樂界轉向美術領域。他的職業生涯始於為樂隊設計海報和唱片封套。早期作品以強烈色彩及抽象形式為主,介於街頭塗鴉和精緻裝飾之間,傳遞強烈的反叛思想。自2002年開始,他的作品中開始出現人物形象,這些形象常常受報紙或歷史書籍上的複製品啟發,並以鮮豔的色彩呈現,營造出寓言般的神秘氛圍。受到象徵主義藝術家詹姆斯·恩索(James Ensor,1860-1949)和愛德華·蒙克(Edvard Munch,1863—1944)等人的影響,利希特將藝術史、大眾媒體和流行文化的元素結合起來,創造出獨特而超現實的世界。高明度色彩、強烈對比和抽象化的圖案傳達一種令人不安的情感,在色塊及線條描繪的背景之中,時間、地點甚至圖像空間無法以邏輯參透,藝術家曾形容它們為一種「圍繞、壓迫、纏繞」,傳達出強烈的對峙和變動感。此次展出利希特近期作品,詭魅人形與背景相融,在具象和抽象之間探索,以碎片化的身體交纏在色彩交織的背景,此風格為他近期創作的特點。正如他所解釋的「我關注的是表面,這個扁平、錯綜複雜且永不改變的人物構成方案。」

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