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Matthew F Fisher


Matthew F. Fisher, a renowned American contemporary artist born in 1976, is celebrated for his postmodern and contemporary artworks, primarily focusing on idealized natural landscapes like waves, mountain peaks, and trees. These pieces reflect his meditative state during the creative process, employing delicate brushwork and vivid colors to highlight the canvas's texture and potential.

Fisher's deep connection with water, fostered during his time spent with his grandfather by the seaside in Westhampton and later living near water bodies in Western Michigan, influences his work. He transforms these memories of natural landscapes into fresh imagery, emphasizing that while he draws inspiration from the external world, he's more interested in creating memories for future artistic concepts.

Working primarily with acrylic paint, Fisher capitalizes on its advantages, creating a high-gloss finish and vibrant saturation. Elements like the horizon line, waves, rocks, and trees frequently appear in his works, combining universality and individuality. Purposefully devoid of human figures, Fisher's art encourages viewers to engage and imagine freely, evoking a sense of situation rather than narrating a story.

Beyond visual appeal, Fisher's artworks delve into memory-related themes, offering profound insights into his self-reflection, life observations, and contemplation of the world. He views art as a form of meditation, conveying inner emotions and thoughts while sharing sensations of beauty and possibility with the audience.


Matthew F Fisher是一位美國的後現代與當代藝術家,出生於1976年。作品主要是描繪理想化的自然景觀,如波浪、山峰、樹木等,在畫作中。這些作品反映了他在創作過程中的冥想狀態,他運用細膩的筆觸和鮮明的色彩,突顯出紙張質感與潛力。









Born 1976, Boston, MA

Lives and works in New York City


Solo Exhibitions


Lakes, Devening Projects, Chicago, IL

Time and Space, Taymour Grahne Projects, London, UK


The Hole East Hampton, Phase Three, The Hole, East Hampton, NY

Seas, OCHI Projects, Los Angeles, CA


The Great Fire, SHRINE, New York, NY

Four Seasons: A Solo Show, Deanna Evans Project, New York, NY

The Sameness of Every Day, Taymour Grahne, London, UK


After the Ice, Taymour Granhe, London, UK

Soft Nature, Ochi Projects, Los Angeles, CA


Strange Light, Over Under Room, Brooklyn, NY

Into the Blue, Johansson Projects, Oakland, CA


Observable Universe, Taymour Grahne Gallery, New York, NY

Hello Sea, One River School, Englewood, NJ


Sun, Stars, Sea, and Moon, Airlock Gallery, San Marcos, CA

Ten Years, Curated by Jon Lutz, Spring/Break, New York, NY


Dark Water Don’t Shine the Moon, Sardine, Brooklyn, NY


If You Ain’t a Reflection, You’re a Wave, Ampersand Gallery, Portland, OR


Goodnight nobody, Weird Days, Brooklyn, NY


Asea, Aloof, Mulherin+Pollard Projects, NY, NY


Lsot Time, Heskin Contemporary, New York, NY, (catalog)


Lonesome George, ADA Gallery, Richmond, VA

Forever Is, RARE, New York, NY


Letting Go, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

While You Were Away, ADA Gallery, Richmond, VA


Paintings, Stephanie Theodore at SCOPE, New York, NY


Drawings and Paintings, Spector Gallery, Philadelphia, PA


Two Artists Shows


With Brian Scott Campbell, Johansson Projects, Oakland, CA


NADA Miami, OCHI Projects, with Sam Shoemaker


Low Tide, with Claire Colette, OCHI Gallery, Ketchum, Idaho


Jalopies: A Tow Person Show, with Carl d’Alvia, Drive-By Projects, Boston, MA


Night Waves, with Casey Cook at SHRINE, New York, NY


The Perfect Order of Randomness, with Julie Curtiss, Monya Rowe Gallery, St. Augustine, FL


Artificial Son, with Kyle Breitenbach, Left Field, San Luis Obispo, CA


The World Outside, with Ryan Schneider, The Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Galleries, Old

Dominion University, Norfolk, VA


Golden Beams of a Laughing Sun, with Rob Matthews, Twist Gallery, Nashville, TN


Group Exhibitions


"Fractals: Curated by Fanny Brodar", C Square Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan


Double Up, My Pet Ram off-site, Santa Barbra, CA


Maria Calandra: Pencil in the Studio, De Pree Art Gallery, Hope College, Holland, MI

Nature Morte, The Hole, New York, NY

Expanded Field, OCHI Aux, Los Angeles, CA


Paper View, The Hole, New York, NY

The Moon, Concord Art, Concord, MA


Fiery Rain and Movies, Cooling Sun, SEASON, Seattle, WA

The Politics of Pink, The Dot Project, London, UK

Does It Make a Sound, OCHI Gallery, Ketchum, ID

The Jules Olitski Project, Curated by Vittorio Colaizzi, Gordon Galleries,

Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA


Provisional Landscapes, Barbara Walters Gallery, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, New York

In Paper We Trust, The Dot Project, London, UK

Through the Art of Painting, Deanna Evans Projects

When Y was Thus Released, Ampersand Gallery, Portland, OR

Somewhere, curated by 106 Green, Atlanta Contemporary, Atlanta, GA

The Twenty by Sixteen Biennial, curated by Geoffrey Young, Morgan

Lehman Gallery, New York, NY

Pro Forma: Context and Meaning in Abstraction, curated by Vittorio

Colaizzi, Work Release, Norfolk, VA (catalog)


In Which We Dwell, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR

Magic, Mercer County College, West Windsor, NJ

Lunacy, OyG Projects, curated by Eric Hibit, Brooklyn, NY

Solar Vortex, Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington, MA

Finding Your Way, Monya Rowe Gallery, St. Augustine, FL

Sensorium, Kravets Wehby Gallery, New York, NY

Pink and Green, Eddy’s Room, Brooklyn, NY

Casino Cabaret, curated by Melissa Brown, Safe Gallery, Brooklyn. NY


The River Keeps Talking, Ampersand Gallery, Portland, OR

Image is Everything, Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington, MA

The Ocean is Double Sided, SEASON, Seattle, WA

Let’s GO Away for a While, One Mile Gallery, curated by Erik den Breejen and Maris Calandra, Kingston, NY

I Am What I Am Not Yet, Madelyn Jordon Fine Art Gallery, curated by Diana Buckley, Scarsdale, NY

New Narratives, Storefront Ten Eyck, Brooklyn, NY


Quiet Please, RARE Gallery, New York, NY

Transcendent Landscapes, Drive-By Projects, Watertown, MA

Not a Force But a Curvature, curated by Ryan Schneider, Novella Gallery, New York, NY

Interchange, Goldie Paley Gallery, Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, PA

Nothing But Good, Park, Tilburg, The Netherlands


Endless Summer, Brian Morris Gallery, New York, NY, curated by Gary Peterson Thirsty, ADA Gallery, Richmond, VA

Hypertrophic Visions, New York Center for Arts & Media Studies, curated by Robin Reisenfeld, New York, NY (catalog)

Hydroflow, Goucher College, Baltimore, MD, (catalog)

LAND, HO!, curated by Holly Coulis and Ridley Howard, VCU Fine Arts Gallery, Richmond, VA

Chiaroscuro, Novella Gallery, New York, NY

Ears Nose and Throat, WILDLIFE, Brooklyn, NY

Nearly Neutral, Barbara Walters Gallery, Sara Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY (catalog)


I glove U, Reynolds Gallery, curated by Ridley Howard and Ester Partegas, Richmond, VA

Intramurals, AFA Gallery, Scranton, PA


Southern Cross, Grizzly Grizzly, Philadelphia, PA

Captured (A Portrait Show), Heskin Contemporary, New York, NY

The Nature of Drawing, Dowling College, Oakdale, NY

All My Friends, Small Black Door, Ridgewood, NY


Flat Earth, Winona State University, Winona, MN

New Narrative, Heskin Contemporary, New York, NY, curated by John Serdula

Folk music, Daily Operation, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Jon Lutz

Natural Reaction, Metropolitan Green, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Elizabeth Heskin,


Ripple Effect, The Athenaeum, Alexandria, VA, (catalog)

Beautiful Human, Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery at Haverford College, Haverford, PA, curated by Shelley Spector, (catalog)

Vintage Violence, Space 414, Brooklyn, NY


Political Winter Redux, Molloy College, Rockville Center, NY, curated by Dr. Yolande Trincere (catalog)

The Drawing Narrative, Jenny Jansky Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, (catalog)

The Indigenous Visitor, Heskin Contemporary, New York, NY

Spot Check: Academy Contemporary, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Philadelphia, PA


The Colonial Show, Second Street Gallery, Charlostville, VA, curated by Leah Stoddard, (catalog)

The Comic Uncanny, Shaheen Modern & Contemporary Art, Cleveland, OH, curated by Stephanie Theodore

This Place is Ours! Recent Acquisitions at the Academy, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA

In Summer, The Song Sings Itself, Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

One Day I Will Control the Sun, The Arsenal Gallery in Central Park, New York, NY

Trash Menagerie, Drake Hotel, Toronto, Canada


Posture and Expression, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA


Hello Sunday, Sixtyseven Gallery, New York, NY, curated by Holly Coulis

Casper David Séance, Jack the Pelican Presents, Brooklyn, NY

Drawing for It 2, Spector Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Introspective Men, Madder 139, London, England, curated by David Kefford

Sasquatch Society, Sixtyseven Gallery, New York, NY

Honeymoon With Romeo, Groeflin Maag Galerie, Basel, Switzerland, curated by Holly Coulis

Folklore for a New Millennium, Lawrence Asher Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Pencil on Glass, Sushi Art at Voz Alta Project, San Diego, CA


The Great (Re)Masters, Spector Gallery, Philadelphia, PA AC, Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York, NY

Pictionary, Kravets/Wehby Gallery, New York, NY, curated by Andy Cross

Toys in the Attic, Lennon, Weinberg, Inc., New York, NY, curated by Stephanie Theodore

Death to the Fascist Insect That Preys on the Life of the People, Gallery 800, Brooklyn, NY

This is for Real: War and the Contemporary Audience, State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY


The Winter Show, The Painting Center, New York, NY

The Next, SPACE Gallery, Portland, ME

Homeland Security, 450 Broadway Gallery, New York, NY




Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant


Painting Fellowship, New York Foundation for the Arts


Full Fellowship, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT




Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, NY


Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, NY


Millay Colony for the Arts, Austerlitz, NY

Vermont Studio Center, Full Fellowship, Johnson, VT


Public and Corporate Collections

Fidelity Investments, Boston, MA

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Dogfish Brewery, Milton, DE




Virginia Commonwealth University, Master of Fine Arts


Columbus College of Art and Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts

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