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Lai Hsing-Long


Lai Hsin-Lung, Taiwan theory, and creation of public art pioneer one. Published a number of modern sculptures and public art scholarly articles. Creation and currently living in Taiwan. 

From 2010 to 2012, The head of the Department of Digital Multimedia Design at TAJEN University. Invited to participate in the U.S. has been involved in Horse Headsculpture festival in Seattle, Northern Ireland Belfast Festival. Repeatedly invited to participate in the University of Hawaii organized by MOMA Museum shoebox sculpture exhibition.

2001 Kaohsiung Fine Art Museum Sculpture Exhibition of Light one of the recipients.

Ever exhibition in Beijing, China, Sichuan, Chongqing, the United States, Britain, Japan, Kyoto, Nagoya, Seoul, Korea, Taiwan, and other places.



曾任大仁科技大學數位多媒體設計系系主任 。悍圖社第七、八任社長。曾參與獲邀參加美國西雅圖馬頭雕塑節,北愛爾蘭貝爾法斯特藝術節。多次獲邀參與美國夏威夷大學MOMA美術館所舉辦的鞋盒袖珍雕塑展。2001年為高雄市立美術館光之雕塑藝術展得獎人之一。曾經展覽於中國北京,四川重慶,美國,英國,日本京都,名古屋,韓國首爾,台灣等地。

1964 Born in Pingtung County, Taiwan



B.A. Department of Fine Arts, Chinese Culture University, Taipei


M.F.A,. Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, U.K.


M.F.A., Universit of Dundee, U.K.



Present Tajen University Dept. of Digital Multimedia Design Associate Professor (Chairman of the department before)


PresentPresident of HANTOO ART Group


Executive director of TAIWAN Visual Arts Association


Solo Exhibition

2021 Golden Code-Solo Exhibition DAYDAY Art Space Kaohsiung TAIWAN

2021 Hidden Gold Series Online Exhibition National Taitung Living Art Center

2019 Butterfly Love- 2019 RUN LONG Construction art space Kaohsiung TAIWAN

2018 Inner drama-Lai Hsinlung solo show NCKU Art center Tainan TAIWAN

2017 Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai-Solo show WinWin art space Kaohsiung TAIWAN

2016 Butterfly Dream-Freedom, Main Trend Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2015 You Are My Flower, 182 Art Space, Tainan, TAIWAN

2011 Color Illusions: Vitor Art Space, Kaohsiung, TAIWAN

2010 Power for Artist: Lai Hsin-Lung Exhibition, St. Paul's Fine Art, Macau

2010 Color Desire:Lai Hsin-Lung Exhibition ,La Chambre Art

Gallery&Socity, Taipei, Taiwan

2007 Solo Exhibition CHINSHI art space Taichung TAIWAN

2007 "Lotus & Seat," Mayibe Gallery, Nagoya, JAPAN

2006 "Hsin-lung Lai: Seat vs. Chair", Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung

2006 "Travelling Seat," Artislong Gallery, Kyoto, JAPAN

2005 "Sky, Seat, People", Living Mall, Taipai

2003 "You Are by My All Sides", Kio-A-Thau Artist-in-Resisdence, Kaohsiung.

2002 "Iron World: Solo Exhibition by Hsin-lung Lai, Howard Salon, Kaohsiung

2001 "Iron, Art, Installation", Exhibition Hall, Pingtung County Cultural Affairs Bureau, Pingtung


Group Exhibition

2021 IMAGO Kaohsiung art center Kaohsiung TAIWAN


2021 The Art Without Borders- international Art Exchange ExhibitionTAIWAN

2021 The other side-international Art Exchange Exhibition Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall of Macau

2020 OldWayS. Young HANTOO 2020 FreeS art Space TAIPEI TAIWAN

2020 Great South ing Eagle Gallery KAOHSIUNG TAIWAN

2019 The 27th Asia Sculpture Association Annual Exhibition HUASHAN1914 Creative Park TAIPEI TAIWAN

2019 Art Nomination Exhibition Shanghai Folk Culture Center SHANGHAI CHINA

2019 FUTURE PAST-Hantoo 21TH artGroup Show MOON Gallery Taichung TAIWAN

2019 ELEGANCE INCOLLISION-Cross-StraitExhibition FoundationArt Soochow CHINA

2019 Place with hills Hantoo 20TH TAITUNG Art Museun Taitung TAIWAN

2018 FIGHT CLUB HANTOO20THKuandu Art Museum Taipei TAIWAN

2017 漂丿个 OpenSpace Bae Busan Korea

2017 Hantoo Art Group 2017/1998 Tina Keng Gallery Taipei TAIWAN

2017 Hardcore Rally with Hantoo Art GroTAIWAN Art Museum Taichung TAIWAN

2016 Border Crossing Post-Paradise: Hantoo Art Group and Contemporary Art in Taiwan Kyoto JAPAN

2016 Opening Exhibition, Dai Ichi Modern Art Gallery, Penang, Malaysia

2016 "Malaysian International Contemporary Art Biennale Exhibition,"

Sungai Petani, MALAYSIA

2016 "International Sculpture Festa 2016," Seoul Arts Center, Seoul,


2016 "Theory of Evolution for Art Spaces," Ox warehouse, MACAU

2015 Collidascopes Edinburgh Palette Gallery 3, Scotland, U.K.

2015 Society of Spectacular Frees art space Taipei TAIWAN

2015 Resonance of Heteroglossia Kaohsiung Fine Art Museum Taiwan

2015 4 city-modern Sculpture Exhibition Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, JAPAN

2014 YES or NO 2014 Asia International Sculpture Exhibition The

Pier-2 Art Center Kaohsiung TAIWAN

2014 Borderless Art Contemporary Exhibition Rui Cunha Foundation, Macau,

2014 RE EXHIBITING The Pier-2 Art Center P3 Warehouse Kaohsiung


2014 Southern Renaissance Silks Place Tainan&182 art space, Tainan, TAIWAN

2014 Good defended-Hantoo group show Sincewell art space, Kaohsiung, TAIWAN

2014 《RE WRITING》─Hantoo Art Group Exhibition Frees art space


2013 Asia's new vision- Asia International Sculpture Exhibition,Canton, CHINA

2013 After wandering concise romantic soul FreeS Art Space Taipei, TAIWAN

2013 Hantoo art group show Inart Space Tainan TAIWAN

2012 Arts Core A-Gallery Taipei TAIWAN

2012 Taipei in Busan Openspace Bae Busan South Korea

2011 The Sentimental Boys! Hantoo Joint Exhibition Kaohsiung Fine Art Museum


2010 Titans 2.0-Hantoo art group show Taichung, TAIWAN

2010 Amazement and Astonishment Chongqing Art Museum, Szechwan CHINA

2010 " Crossing the southern " Pingtung art museum, Pingtung, TAIWAN

2009 Akudou Power - 2009 Hantoo Art Group LINLIN Gallery Bajin


2009 " After the juvenile hardcore" HONG-GAH Museum Taipei


2008 "Hantoo.Image" Hantoo Art Group show IN-SIAN Gallery Taipei


2007 " MSM amused ." LINLIN Gallery Taipei TAIWAN

2007 "Mou.i.kai" Hantoo 2007 Kuandu art museum Taipei TAIWAN

2007 "Art in Taipei" Art Taipei Taipei TAIWAN

2006 "Installation in my home" Tainan TAIWAN

2005 MS 8+5 Hantoo Manbo, Hantoo Art Group,

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

2004"Kingkon, Barbie and together to touch, " The Pier-2 art District, Kaohsiung.Taiwan

2003 "The 8th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition",

Kaohsiung Art Museum TAIWAN& MONA Gallery, Hawaii, U.S.A.

2003 "Kingkong touching Barbie," Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.

2003 Peninsula Festival of the Arts Pingtung Culture Center TAIWAN

2001-2003 "Nomadic, Rheology, Expansion " Kaohsiung Art Museum TAIWAN

2001 " Art of Light " Kaohsiung Fine Art Museum

2000 "The 7th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition", MONA Gallery, Hawaii, U.S.A.

1999 "International Art Festival" (invitational exhibition), Northern, Ireland, U.K. ;

1999 "International Sculpture Festival" (invitational exhibition), Seattle, U.S.A

Artist Hsinlung Lai



2017 Malaysia Biennial Exhibition Invited Exhibition First Museum of Modern Art, Kedah, Malaysia

2015 Guangzhou Sculpture Exhibition Selected Exhibition Asia Sculpture Association Annual Exhibition

2014 Selected by Scottish Group Exhibition Edinburgh Design School, UK

2001 Art of Light - Award, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

1999 Ma Tau International Sculpture Exhibition, Seattle, USA, residency, sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts

1999 Northern Ireland International Festival of Art in Residence Sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts

1998 Art Kaohsiung-Contemporary, "Installation Works - Bits", Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

1988 The Second Great Exhibition of Modern Sculpture, Republic of China, Grand Prize, Taipei Fine Arts Museum


2002 Butterflies and Bombs, Chiayi Railroad Art Village, Taiwan

2003 Qi Shan Wu De Temple, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2003 Qiaotou Art Village, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2004 Kaohsiung Art Fair, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2005 Peninsula International Art Season Pingtung Kenting Taiwan

2006 Installation Art in My Home Tainan Taiwan

2006 Golden Gate Art Salute, Golden Gate, Taiwan

2007 Creativity Kaohsiung

2007 Time and Space - International Art Exhibition Macau

2013 Elegance in the Wilderness - Penghu International Art Exhibition Penghu Taiwan

2018 No Borders Adventure Story Kaohsiung Emerging Art Taiwan

2018 Telling Stories in Silent Travels Ox Warehouse Macau

2019 Elegance in Collision Cross-Strait Abstract Exchange Exhibition Suzhou China

2020 Time and Space II International Art Exchange Exhibition Macau Nanjing Kaohsiung


Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

Art Bank of Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

First Museum of Modern Art, Malaysia

Chang'an Museum of Fine Arts, Korea

Po Lung Art

and Private Collections

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