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Fractals' Exhibited Artist  / Curator

Fanny Brodar


b. 1971, Norway, based in the USA


Fanny Brodar draws inspiration for her creations primarily from her childhood experiences, which have shaped her unique worldview. She portrays vibrant colors and intricate characters in her art to share a view of longing for company and liveliness. Her artworks are meticulously composed, creating a sense of order from chaos. Brodar's art is not only a means of self-healing but also a way to heal the inner child in the viewers. In her latest works, Brodar has ventured into creating larger pieces and has introduced imaginative characters inspired by nature. She aims to develop a caring connection with the natural world. Through her art, Brodar invites viewers to experience the world in a new way and find joy in the simple things in life.

Exhibited Paintings


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