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Fractals' Exhibited Artist

Mike Okay


b. 1980, Germany

麥可‧歐克成長於1980年代的東德名叫哈勒斯新城(Halle-Neustadt)的規劃鎮中長大,規劃鎮中對稱的水泥房屋、社區花床、遊樂場等等建築物影像深深的刻在腦海中。在他的創作中,歐克一再回到 80 年代的東德及 90 年代統一德國,將粗糙的童年回憶與周遭完美對稱的景物交織在一起,矛盾的組合使畫面形成模糊又奇幻的構成,並以反覆出現且隨意排列的圖騰架構出歡樂的微型世界,彷彿穿越回兒時的房間,詮釋了在完美主義社會中屬於自己的精神烏托邦。在觀看中,觀眾彷彿重返童年最快樂的時光,幻想遨遊於回憶的符號之間,感受那份純真美好。

Mike Okay, growing up in the planned town of Halle-Neustadt in East Germany during the 1980s, recalls the symmetrical cement houses, community flower beds, and playgrounds deeply imprinted in his mind. In his creations, Okay repeatedly revisits East Germany in the '80s and post-unification Germany in the '90s. The juxtaposition of his rough childhood memories with the perfectly symmetrical surroundings creates a blurry and fantastical composition. Okay constructs a joyful microcosm through the recurrent and randomly arranged totemic symbols, presenting his interpretation of a personal utopia within a perfectionist society. As viewers immerse themselves, they may feel transported back to the happiest times of childhood, evoking symbols that stir emotions.


Exhibited Paintings


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