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由國際策展人 Sunny Chiang (姜冬仁) 為 C Square Gallery 規劃,展出新生代美籍台灣藝術家 James Hsieh (謝高元) 之個人展覽,旨在以作品中豐沛的色彩能量與夢境般的奇幻之旅,重燃後疫情時代對生活的幻想與韌力。In June 2024, international curator Sunny Chiang planned an exhibition at C Square Gallery featuring the work of emerging Taiwanese-American artist James Hsieh, with the aim of reigniting fantasies and resilience in the post-pandemic era through the abundant color energy and dreamlike journey depicted in his pieces. Read More...

Past Exhibition

於 2024 年 3 月 17 日至 5 月 19 日呈現的"Fractals 碎形"由挪威籍藝術家范妮‧布洛達爾策劃的國際聯展—— “Fractals”。展覽匯聚了四位傑出藝術家,分別為范妮‧布洛達爾、馬修‧費雪、麥可‧歐克、克莉絲汀娜‧贊波。「近似完美的對稱」為此次展出重點,匯聚了除自己之外,另外三位與這一概念相呼應的藝術家。四位風格截然不同的藝術家,在自然中找到彼此,以各自的方式描述著觀看世界的方法,形成了知音之間美妙共鳴。 Read More...


(Christina Zimpel, b. 1961, Australia, based in the USA)​C Square Gallery proudly presents the "Fractals" international group exhibition curated by Norwegian artist Fanny Brodar (b. 1971, Norway; based in the USA) from March 16 to May 19, 2024. This exhibition will showcase four exceptional artists: Fanny Brodar, Matthew F. Fisher (b. 1976, USA), Mike Okay (b. 1980, Germany), and Christina Zimpel (b. 1961, Australia, based in the USA).Her fascination with this concept led her to make "Approximate Perfect Symmetry" in fractal theory the centerpiece of the exhibition. She handpicked three other artists whose work resonates with this idea and showcased her own. Although each artist has a radically different style, they all discover a connection in nature and portray their methods of viewing the world. Together, they create a harmonious resonance among kindred spirits that is nothing short of awe-inspiring.


於 2024 年 1 月 6 日至 3 月 3 日呈現的林辰勳個展 “When You See It”。這場展覽不僅是對藝廊的再次改革,更是探討生命的奧秘和真相的藝術思辨。​林辰勳一直以來都對「人」進行著多層面的探索,將人性中的獸性與神性拆解和重構,同時暗示了本我、自我、超我,展現對生命的無盡好奇,也對本值得探尋無比執著。展覽的主題 “When You See It” 突顯了在尋找和發現真理的過程中引發的悸動,及對生命意義進行驗證的好奇心和豐富想像。 Read More...

C Square Gallery proudly announces the solo exhibition, "When You See It," showcasing Lin Chen-Shun's latest artworks from January 6 to March 3, 2024. This exhibition marks a pivotal moment for C Square Gallery, offering patrons an immersive journey into the realm of artistic speculation surrounding life's mysteries and truths.

Lin Chen-Shun's consistent exploration of the multifaceted dimensions of humanity involves meticulous dissection and reconstruction of the bestial and divine aspects of human nature, all the while subtly referencing the id, ego, and superego. His unwavering commitment to unraveling life's essence is evident in the thematic undercurrent running through his oeuvre. The exhibition's overarching theme, "When You See It," underscores the palpitations inherent in the quest for truth, coupled with the intellectual curiosity and vivid imagination that serve to validate the profound meaning inherent in life

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C Square Gallery 藝廊位於台中市人文藝術及生活質感薈萃的七期,毗鄰台中國家歌劇院而居。500平方米的空間,純白為基調佐以局部灰色清水模打造出一個聚焦於藝術的空間。藝廊內部融入自然共生元素,帶來靜心領受光影、場景、以及季節變化序列的精神遨遊。The premium location boasts modern skyscrapers towering in the street, the much sought-after residential neighborhoods with lavish tree-lined and exquisite lifestyle, as well as the ground-breaking cultural landmark of The National Taichung Theater by Pritzker Architecture Prize-winning Japanese architect Toyo Ito. The 500-square-meter space is based on pure white and partially gray water molding to create a space focused on art. The interior of the gallery incorporates natural symbiotic elements, bringing a spiritual journey of calmly enjoying the sequence of light, shadow, scenes, and seasonal changes.  Learn More...

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