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由創辦人蔡伊豐先生帶著團隊成員及潘信華·傅作新·劉文瑄·林辰勳四位藝術家的作品,於亞洲區最頂級Art Basel/Art Central博覽會亮相。

過往在香港舉行的Art basel/Art central,常見國際級藏家以及全球各大美術館蒞臨,據大會公佈,去年雖因疫情影響參展畫廊減半,各畫廊確都成績斐然,今年2022,參展畫廊比去年增加了60%,此行,我們在疫情嚴峻的現在前往,希望為台灣藝術文化盡點心力,也請持續支持及關注清風。

【 Mr.Wing Gallery first landed in Hong Kong 】

It is the first time that Mr.Wing Gallery landed in Hong Kong Art Central. In the past, Art Basel and Art Central held in Hong Kong was visited by international collectors and major art galleries around the world. According to the announcement of the conference, although the number of participating galleries halved last year due to the epidemic, all galleries did make remarkable achievements. In 2022, the number of participating galleries increased by 60% compared with last year.

As the director of Gallery Mr.Wing Gallery in Taiwan, Payne Tsai is a cultural entrepreneur with vast international art business experience, specializing in the Asian art market. A passionate collector himself, Payne enjoys sharing his love for art with others.⁠

First founded in 2019 in Taichung, Mr.Wing Gallery is committed to introducing emerging artists from Asia and beyond to local audiences, as well as providing an platform for artists based in Taiwan. ⁠

The gallery will feature Taiwan-based artists Hsin-Hua PAN, Tso-Hsin FU, Mia LIU at Art Central 2022, along with new generation artist Cheng-Shun Ling in the gallery’s booth.

地點 │香港會議展覽中心​

展位 │ A4​

參展藝術家 │ 林辰勳 、傅作新、劉文瑄、潘信華​

開放時間 │​

▋貴賓預展 ▋​

5.25(三)​4pm - 8pm

▋公眾開放 ▋​

5.26 (四) 2pm – 8pm​

5.27 (五) 11am – 7pm

5.28 (六) 11am – 7pm​

5.29 (日) 11am – 6pm​


► Mr.Wing Gallery at HK Art Central 2022​

Venue | Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre​

Booth | A4​

Participating Artists | Cheng-Shun Ling, Tso-Hsin FU, Mia LIU, Hsin-Hua PAN.​

Opening Hours |​

▋ VIP Preview ▋​

5.25(三)​4pm - 8pm​

▋ Public Days ▋​

Thursday 26 May

First Session 2 – 5pm

Second Session: 5 – 8pm​

Friday 27 May

First Session 11am – 3pm

Second Session: 3 – 7pm​

Saturday 28 May

First Session 11am – 3pm

Second Session: 3 – 7pm​

Sunday 29 May

First Session: 11am – 3pm

Second Session: 3 – 6pm

Installation View
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