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Ride em cowboy, 2022_edited.jpg

Series 1

Lyrical Abstraction

“Lyrical Abstraction” 系列令人直接聯想到1950年代位據大西洋彼端、與紐約「抽象表現主義」相互交鋒的巴黎「抒情抽象藝術」。然而,魯賓斯坦的 “Lyrical Abstraction” 顯然與「抒情抽象之父」喬治.馬修 (Georges Mathieu) 大相徑庭:他只取其與「幾何抽象」那冷凜硬邊分庭抗禮的風格特質,轉而從高度飽且層次豐富的色彩、和肌理繁複且反覆出現的旋轉紋理,構成高度聚焦的全新抽象敘事。這一系列畫作的色彩、線條和紋理迸發,擴散至整幅畫面之上,凸顯藝術家在隨心與混亂、具象與抽象之間取得巧妙的平衡。

The 'Lyrical Abstraction' series immediately evokes thoughts of the 'Lyric Abstraction' movement in Paris during the 1950s, engaging in a dynamic artistic discourse with New York's 'Abstract Expressionism,' despite the geographical separation of the Atlantic Ocean. Nevertheless, Rubenstein's 'Lyrical Abstraction' exhibits a noteworthy departure from the work of the acknowledged pioneer of 'Lyric Abstraction,' Georges Mathieu. Rubenstein discerningly embraces stylistic elements that challenge the confines of 'Geometric Abstraction,' infusing his creations with a profusion of richly saturated colors and intricate, recurrent rotational textures. This results in the formation of a highly concentrated, entirely new abstract narrative. The colors, lines, and textures in this series surge across the canvas, emphasizing the artist's adept equilibrium between spontaneity and disorder, as well as between figurative and abstract components.

The Court Jester, 2022.jpg

The Court Jester

oil, acrylic, charcoal on canvas

122 x 193 cm


Ride em cowboy

oil, acrylic, charcoal on canvas

168 x 218 cm


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