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"As Bruce Rubenstein dedicates his energy to the creative process, he continually traverses the canvas, which serves as both a playground and an arena. Fueled by a powerful determination to 'validate individual existence through art,' his body remains in constant motion. He deconstructs compositional elements borrowed from art history into distinct sources of energy. His artistic journey is a persistent and passionate struggle, a joyful and playful return to the core essence of creation amidst the chaos."

清風藝廊 2023年10月7日–12月24 日推出「The Playground: Bruce Rubenstein」,以《遊樂場》為題,傳達首次來台個展的美國藝術家布魯斯 ‧ 魯賓斯坦奔放鮮明的繪畫風格,及其作品背後受到濃烈的“表達”及“嬉戲”驅動的狂熱能量。


紐約上世紀中期的「抽象表現主義」 (Abstract Expressionism)、畢卡索簡潔明亮的繪畫探索階段「綜合立體主義」(Synthetic Cubism)、以及藝術家個人充滿故事性的生命敘事——這些關鍵性的養分多元兼容、影響互融,共同構成魯賓斯坦的創作特徵。


魯賓斯坦的藝術實踐基於創作的過程,他鄙棄封閉式的畫室,改而將戶外空間轉化為暢快淋漓地釋放內心無意識的開放性創作場域:一如抽象表現主義先鋒傑克森.帕洛克 (Jackson Pollock) 將畫布轉化為即興 、動感、技巧自由的“行動繪畫”表演場域,魯賓斯坦強調只在粗糙的原始畫布上作畫,再任其“紐約血統”自然主宰,爆發出宛若“骯髒的紐約人行道”般粗獷不羈的圖層與質地。粗糙畫布和畫家人物性格的創造力與真實性完美糅雜,揮灑流淌的顏料因而成為偶然性和記憶的象徵性導體,在藝術家的個人生命史、與濃墨重彩的藝術史之間不斷交替。


「The Playground」呈現魯賓斯坦四十年來創作脈絡演變,囊括其四大系列的巨幅畫作共18 件。

Mr. Wing Gallery presents "The Playground: Bruce Rubenstein" from October 7th to December 24th, 2023, centered around the theme of "The Playground." This exhibition marks the debut solo show in Taiwan for the American artist Bruce Rubinstein, renowned for his vibrant and distinctive painting style driven by intense expressions and a sense of playfulness.

Drawing inspiration from the pivotal influences of mid-20th-century New York Abstract Expressionism, Picasso's dynamic explorations in Synthetic Cubism, and the artist's own compelling life narrative, these diverse yet harmonious elements serve as the underpinnings of Rubinstein's unique artistic style.

Rubenstein's artistic practice finds its roots in the act of creation itself. He shuns the confines of a secluded studio, opting instead to transform outdoor spaces into expansive and liberating arenas for the uninhibited release of his creative subconscious. Much like the Abstract Expressionism pioneer Jackson Pollock transformed the canvas into a platform for improvisation, motion, and unrestricted technique, Rubenstein places emphasis on working exclusively on rugged, unprocessed canvases, allowing the intrinsic 'New York bloodline' to dictate the outcome. This approach results in layers and textures reminiscent of the gritty sidewalks of New York City, where the canvas's roughness harmoniously merges with the artist's inherent creativity and authenticity. The flowing pigments symbolize both the conduit of chance and the vessel of memory, continually oscillating between the artist's personal life narrative and the rich tapestry of art history.

"The Playground" presents an evolution of Rubenstein's artistic journey spanning four decades, featuring 18 large-scale artworks from his four major series.

Bruce Rubenstein

USA B.1995

布魯斯 ‧ 魯賓斯坦

美國 B.1995

布魯斯 ‧ 魯賓斯坦 1955 年於紐約出生,後於洛杉磯定居,從事藝術創作已四十餘年。魯賓斯坦從小就開始接觸藝術, 在完成帕森斯藝術學院的學業後,於二十世紀 70 年代中期成為紐約著名「藝術學生聯盟」成員。他的繪畫實踐脫胎自「抽象表現主義」的激蕩,內含狂熱的能量和精神體驗;然而有別於專注強調自我意識的抽象表現主義,他的率性之作揉雜了當代街頭塗鴉的批判性,喻示著歷史的新語境和新創造。

Born in New York and based in Los Angeles, Bruce Rubenstein has been creating art for over four decades. Starting his artistic journey as a young child, Rubenstein came to study art at Parson's School of Design, and became a member of the prestigious Art Students League located in New York City during the mid70s. His formal training is imbued into even his most abstract works, which juxtapose sharp, precise brushwork with the contingent, irregular forms he is known for. Influenced primarily by the expressionist movement of the late 50s and early 60s, Rubenstein's work is overflowing with frenetic energy. It is through this process that he is able to create such uniquely energized works that juxtapose formality and abstraction, modernity and antiquity.

自 1992 年以來,魯賓斯坦的作品在世界各地舉辦多個群展和個展。曾在加利福尼亞州威尼斯、邁阿密、 佛羅里達、以色列特拉維夫和奧地利的聖彼得等地展出。作品也被諸多企業收藏,例如:加利福尼亞州洛杉磯的 Guess Inc 公司總部、加利福尼亞州好萊塢亨利方達劇院、卡穆爾集團、以色列特拉維夫、The Palms Hotel Maloof Foundation、拉斯維加斯、艾布拉姆斯藝術家機構收藏、加利福尼亞比弗利山莊。

Rubenstein has exhibited in several group and solo shows worldwide since 1992. He has exhibited in locations that include Venice, California; Miami, Florida; Tel-Aviv, Israel and St. Peter in der Au, Austria. His works have been collected in a plethora of corporate spaces, including but not limited to Guess Inc. Corporate Headquarters, Los Angeles, CA; Henry Fonda Theatre, Hollywood, CA; The Kamur Group, Tel Aviv, Israel; The Palms Hotel Maloof Foundation, Las Vegas, NV; and The Abrams Artist Agency Collection, Beverly Hills, CA.

布魯斯 ‧ 魯賓斯坦的創作精神,毫不保留地表現出傑克森.帕洛克和巴勃羅.畢卡索這些藝術巨匠的姿彩、動勢與情緒──他們都充分利用繪畫媒介帶來的官能感受與能力,將狂熱奔放的筆觸與繪畫本身的語彙融為一體,讓原本尋常無奇、被動的圖畫平面,躍升為一個個鮮活的物體,為我們熟知不過的事物注入幻奇之感,在抽象的想像和物質的現實中擺盪。正如魯賓斯坦傾盡體力的作畫方式,他在化身既是遊樂場、也是競技場的畫布中反覆進出,身體也在“以繪畫渴望驗證個體存在”的強烈意志驅動下不斷移動,將沿襲自美術史的構圖分拆成不同的能量源流。他的藝術創作是一場永不止息的激烈搏鬥,也是在紛亂中不斷回到創作初心的歡躍與嬉戲。

Bruce Rubenstein's artistic spirit boldly channels the essence, dynamism, and emotions reminiscent of luminaries such as Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso. They skillfully tap into the sensory experiences and capacities inherent in the medium of painting, seamlessly fusing fervent and exuberant brushwork with the very language of art. This transformative process elevates the once unremarkable and passive canvas into vibrant entities, infusing the mundane with a profound sense of wonder, constantly oscillating between the realms of abstract imagination and tangible reality.

In a manner mirroring Rubenstein's physically demanding approach to his craft, he recurrently traverses the canvas, which serves as both a playground and an arena. His body is in perpetual motion, propelled by the unwavering determination to validate individual existence through artistic expression. He deconstructs compositional elements drawn from the annals of art history into distinct sources of energy. His artistic creation is an ongoing and arduous struggle, a joyful and playful return to the fundamental essence of creation amidst the surrounding chaos.

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