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Fractals' Exhibited Artist

Christina Zimpel


b. 1961, Australia, based in USA

克莉絲汀娜‧贊波繪畫中反覆出現將頭髮高高盤起的大眼女孩。這些女孩象徵美國 50 年代在海報或是報章雜誌上的性感模特兒,即所謂的「海報女郎」( Pin-up girl)。透過流行文化中美麗女孩的主題,令人聯想到後印象派法國藝術家羅德列克(Toulouse-Lautrec,1864-1901),將供人觀賞的女郎們作為繆思,闡述屬於個別時代的特有風景。贊波利用強烈對比的顏色並簡潔的分割形狀,兩者相互輝映下,令畫面深刻人心。贊波的作品回應道成長時期, 她的作品回應了 60-70 年代美國華麗龐克的流行,以及引響他很深的野獸派。贊波筆下的女孩們不屬於任何時代,她們屬於每個人心中共同記憶中的美麗象徵。

Christina Zimpel's paintings feature a recurring motif of big-eyed girls with their hair piled high. These girls symbolize the pin-up girls from 1950s America, as seen in posters and newspapers, reminiscent of the art of Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901). Zimpel skillfully employs striking contrasting colors and simplistic shapes to craft a powerful interplay that elicits profound emotions in the viewer, reminiscent of the popular 60s glam punk movement that dominated her formative years. Her girls transcend any specific era; they represent a beautiful symbol from the collective memory of each individual.

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Exhibited Paintings


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