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Whose Marshmallow is this?

​郝云 個展

展期 2021/1/16 – 2021/3/7

​開幕 2021/1/16 , 2:30pm

建立活動圖 (1).jpg

清風Mr. Wing Gallery 很榮幸成為中國藝術家郝云在台灣的獨家代理畫廊,並將於1/16舉辦郝云個展「這是誰的棉花糖?」。此次為藝術家在Mr. Wing Gallery的首次個人創作展覽,將展出21件作品。若說繪畫是藝術家的生活縮影,那棉花糖就有如雲的縮小版。以「這是誰的棉花糖?」為此次展覽名稱,一幕又一幕如棉花糖般的生活光影,就此躍然紙上。  


郝云,1963年生於河北武安 ,1989畢業於中州大學裝潢設計專業  ,2016年結業於首都師範大學美術學院表現性油畫工作室  ,現生活工作於鄭州  ,為鄭州美術家協會當代藝術委員會主任。  

Mr. Wing Gallery is pleased to be the exclusive agency of Chinese artist Hao Yun in Taiwan, and will present Hao Yun’s solo exhibition,” Whose Marshmallow Is This? “on January 16. This is the artist's first solo exhibition at Mr. Wing Gallery and will exhibit 21 pieces of work. Whose Marshmallow Is This?  The title of this exhibition owes its inspiration to the word “Yun” in the artist’s name, it was means “clouds” in Chinese. If painting is a microcosm of the artist's life, then marshmallows are like a miniature version of clouds.   

Hao Yun is adept at observing the changes of light and shade in daily life and expresses the shadows in a figurative way. In Hao Yun's oil paintings, we can always saw water-based medium in oil-based medium, it presented the look of water-based, like the vignetting of watercolor and ink on paper, giving the color blocks the touch of the water-based medium in a unique way. Although the color blocks distribute uneven and irregular, the whole composition of harmony is still achieved. The subtle color on the canvas emits a feeling of calmness, while the occasional vibrant color block brings a different visual experience to the viewers. The composition is not simply geometric, but in each form, he gives a sense of naturalness and breathing, makes the blocks of color form an independent living entity. The lines overlap vertically and horizontally, each color block carries and transmits some kind of energy, giving the pure blocks an autonomous existence, as if they were given life.  

About the artist  
Hao Yun was born in 1963 in Wu'an, Hebei, China. He graduated from Central China University in 1989 with a degree in decoration design, and in 2016 he graduated from the Expressive Oil Painting Studio from College of Fine Art, Capital Normal University.  

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