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Fanny Brodar


Fanny Brodar's art is a captivating fusion of the evocative 1970s and the dynamic essence of the 2000s. In her work, she skillfully intertwines fragments of cherished childhood memories, elements of contemporary pop culture, and visionary glimpses into the future, weaving an animated tapestry that intrigues and enchants. Her unique artistic language involves a brilliant interplay of vibrant colors, child-like marks, and whimsical scribbled words, effortlessly drawing viewers into a realm of nostalgia while provoking contemplation about the elusive line between reality and imagination.

Fanny Brodar的藝術作品融合了1970年代的懷舊情懷和2000年代的活力,巧妙地將童年回憶、當代流行文化元素和對未來的幻想巧妙交織,編織出一幅引人入勝、迷人神秘的作品,激發觀者對童年記憶的回朔。

Fanny Brodar 01.jpeg

1971       Born in Oslo, Norway      

                Currently lives and works in Maine, USA



1997 BFA Art Institute of Boston, Boston, MA


Solo Exhibitions

2024             Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando, Madrid, Spain (September)

2024             Caelis Galeria, Shanghai, China (February)

2023             Gallery Afternoon, Seoul, South Korea (November)

2023             L21 Residency, Mallorca, Spain

2023             Ascaso Gallery, Miami, FL

2023             Nothing At All Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2023             Maison Ozmen, Paris, France

2022       Guy Hepner, New York, NY

2022             Caelis Galeria, Shanghai, China

2022             Exhibit Art Gallery, Santander, Spain


Group Exhibitions

2024              Mr. Wing Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan (March)

2023              Galleri Christopher Egelund, Copenhagen, Denmark (December)

2023              Shit Art Club, Los Angeles, CA (October)

2023              42 Art Space, Beijing, China (September)

2022              L21 Gallery, Mallorca, Spain

2022              Caelis Galeria, Shanghai, China

2021              Suomei M50 Gallery, Shanghai, China

2021 Carver Hill Gallery, Camden, Maine, USA

2020 Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Rockland, ME, USA


Art Fairs

2023              T-Art Con, Caelis Gallery, Shanghai, China

2023              Art Tapei, Mr. Wing Gallery, Tapei, Taiwan (October)

2023              Estampa Art Fair, Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando, Madrid, Spain (October)

2022              T-Art Con, Caelis Gallery, Shanghai, China

2022              Kiaf, Klamp Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2022              Urban Break, Klamp Gallery, Seoul, South Korea


Grants and Residencies

2023 Banditto Art Residency Winner, Emerging Artist Award

2023 L21 Residency Programme, Mallorca, Spain (March)

2022 Ellis-Beauregard Fellowship, Rockland, ME (Jan - March)

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