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Lin Yi-Lung


Lin Yi-Lung is inspired by the things that happen in the spatial dimension around him. He crushes and filters these image fragments in his memory and the sensory information he receives. Gradually, they evolve into the individuals and spaces that thrive in his works. These individuals exude perceptual fragments of memory and live in the mandala that belongs to them. The objects in his works already exist in a particular corner of this cyclical world, and we may never meet them.





2013  M.F.A, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan           

2009  B.F.A, Taipei National University of the Arts,Taipei , Taiwan


Solo Exhibition

2022  “Star Dust”, Art Center NCKU, Tainan,Taiwan

2021  “11 è me Triennale Mondiale de l ’Estampe” , France

2017  “Light years” Luodong Cultural factory, Yilan , Taiwan

2016  “The Dream Island” Gai Art, Taipei , Taiwan

2013  “SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW” Sonnentor Art Space, Taipei , Taiwan

2013  “Aleph Forest” Garden City, Taipei, Taiwan

2012  “We depths of the pupil” 8&1/2 Art Gallery, Taipei , Taiwan

2011  “Parallel universes” Nanhai Gallery, Taipei , Taiwan


Group Exhibition

2021  “LIFE CONDITION”MR.WING Gallery, Taichung,Taiwan

2021  “Microscript,or the genius loci of animal´s hiding place” Exhibition of works by LIN Yi-Lung and HUANG Chih-Cheng, MUMU Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan

2020  “2020 young art Kaohsiung”The Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2018  “2018 ART TAIPEI”, Taipei, Taiwan

2018  “Printmaking Exhibition” Cornerstone Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2017  “10 è me Triennale Mondiale de l ’Estampe”, France

2017  “ART FORMOSA” Taipei, Taiwan

2017  “POETIC GAZE” Exhibition of Yilan Museum of ART Collection , Yilan , Taiwan

2016  “The Art Exhibition of New Taipei City” Taipei, Taiwan

2016  “2016 National Art Exhibition, ROC ”, Taichung, Taiwan

2015  “Printmaking Exhibition” Ip Arts Gallery, Hualien, Taiwan

2015  “Young Art Taipei”, Taipei, Taiwan

2015  “T-Art” , Taichung i, Taiwan

2015  “Cloud Prints” YIRI ART, Taipei,Taiwan

2014  “2014 Kaohsiung Awards”Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2014  “Young Art Taipei”, Taipei, Taiwan

2014  “T-Art” , Taichung i, Taiwan

2014  “Very Fun Park 2014 Contemporary Art Exhibition” Taipei, Taiwan

2013  “Beyond Printmaking II-The Start of Good Things” Gai Art, Taipei, Taiwan

2013  “DOORS ART FAIR 2013” Ip Arts Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2013  “Indigo Youth” Ip Arts Gallery, Hualien, Taiwan

2013  “2013 12th Artist Fair Taiwan” Taipei/Tainan, Taiwan

2012  “The 2012 Beijing Print Expo” Beijing, China

2012  “Evolution of Art Duplicates-The Exhibition of Taiwanese Contemporary Print Art”Powen Gallery/Mooms Art Gallery , Taichung, Taiwan

2012  “2012 SUPER NOVART”, Taichung/ Taipei, Taiwan

2012  “T-Art” , Taichung i, Taiwan

2011  “Young Art Taipei”, Taipei, Taiwan

2011  “Taiwan-Korea International Print Exhibition”, Taipei, Taiwan

2011  “Y.E.S Taiwan!-Young Emerging Stars”AKI Gallery Taipei, Taiwan

2011  “19th Estampa de Madrid”, Madrid, Spain

2010  “The 25th New Year Print Exhibition”, Taichung, Taiwan

2010  “Young Emerging Stars”Shijie Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2010  “The 14th International Biennial Print Exhibition, R.O.C ” , Taichung, Taiwan



2020  “TAOYUAN FINE ARTS EXHIBITION”, First Prize of Printmaking ,Taoyuan,Taiwan

2018  “Art Taipei : Made in Taiwan –Young Artist Discovery”, Taipei,Taiwan

2017  “10 è me Triennale Mondiale de l ’Estampe” Second Prize of Printmaking ,France          

2016  “Art Exhibition of New Taipei City”, First Prize of Printmaking ,Taipei,Taiwan

2016   “2016 National Art Exhibition, ROC ”, Selected Award, Taiwan

2014  “Art Exhibition of New Taipei City”, Second Prize of Printmaking ,Taipei,Taiwan

2014   “2014 Kaohsiung Awards”, Selected Award, Taiwan

2011  “The 5th Long Yen Foundation Creative Arts Award”, Selected Award, Taiwan

2010  “The 25th New Year Print Exhibition”, Selected Award, Taiwan

2010  “The 14th International Biennial Print Exhibition”, R.O.C ” , Selected Award,       Taiwan

2010  “The 15th Dadun Art Exhibition”, Quality Award, Taiwan

2009  “The TRUTH PURITTY and GRACE of BENQ AWARD”, Selected Award, Taiwan



2020  “The Xanadu” Art Bank, Taichung, Taiwan

2017  “The Forest”National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

2017  “The Star Lak”“The Moon Sea”Art Bank, Taichung, Taiwan

2015  “Saturn’s Rings” “Aleph Forest No. 02”Art Bank, Taichung, Taiwan

2013  “Planet Trip”Yilan Museum of Art, Yilan, Taiwan

2011  “Planet Trip No.01”Longyen Foundation, Taiwan

2011  “Planet Trip”National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

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