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收藏經典 — 當永恆穿越時空


展期 2021/10/2 – 2021/11/2


Mr.Wing Gallery將在新一季中推出「收藏經典—當永恆穿越時空」系列藝術家聯展,分別以石晉華、郝云、曾雍甯、董旻晋、潘信華、劉文瑄等六位藝術家,展出24件作品。此次展覽期間2021年10月2日至11月2日,同時在線上全球無時差開展。


此次,清風Mr.Wing Gallery以「收藏經典—當永恆穿越時空」作為提展出,將六位藝術家近來體察創作時所關注的現象,結合對藝術經驗與當代生活的感受,透過作品,分享其對當今狀態的隱喻,並予以關注和連結。十分​榮幸亦誠摯邀請您蒞臨現場,和我們一同穿越時空遇見經典,窺見未來藝術所能成就的無限可能性。

Mr. Wing Gallery will launch a series of artist group exhibitions in the new season of "Collecting Classics- When Eternity Traveling Through Time and Space". Six artists including SHI Jin-Hua, HAO Yun, TZENG Yong-Ning, TUNG Min-Chin, PAN Hsin-Hua and Mia Liu will exhibit 24 works. During the exhibition period from October 2nd to November 2nd, 2021, it will be carried out online without time difference globally.

Artists leave their works to touch eternity, which will always show their classic beauty with the washing and stacking of time. SHI Jin-Hua metaphors each pen and its strokes as human life and action, takes the body as a tool and medium, and uses unconventional ways to measure the existence of objectivity and subject. In HAO Yun's works, we can see the dialogue between light and shadow, and the collision between color blocks and chromaticity brings out the soft but steady characteristics of life. In TZENG Yong-Ning's works, we can see the observation of natural organisms and be fascinated by the sense of continuous cycle and rebirth of life. TUNG Min-Chin, in the moral that his works are "wrapped", shows that as a life, he has the right to pursue safety. Loneliness or shyness is not a defect, but a character and life willingness. In PAN Hsin-Hua's creation, the color is used to convey the ancient flavor accumulated over time. Streams, houses, characters and artifacts close to daily life are often visible, which comes from the artist's delicate observation and recognition of daily life. Mia Liu remembers the world by touch. For her, paper is like a state of poetry and plants, bringing temperature and vitality. The artist constructs the toughness and pursuit of life with points, lines and surfaces, and leads the viewer across time and space to meet classics between colors.

This time, Mr. Wing Gallery exhibited with the title "Collection of Classics-When Eternity Traveling Through Time and Space". The six artists in recent years experience the phenomena that they have paid attention to when creating, combining their artistic experience and contemporary life, and sharing through their works. It is a metaphor for the current state and pays attention to and connects it. It is a great honor and sincerely to invite you to come to the scene to join us to travel through time and space to meet classics and see the infinite possibilities that art can achieve in the future.

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