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Cai Zhisong


Cai Zhisong continues the Chinese tradition of aesthetic symbols and incorporates a thoughtful exploration of history, contemporary issues, and spirituality, shaping a unique and distinct personal style. Cai Zhisong's sculptures embody the fusion of poetry and imagination, skillfully utilizing materials and forms to blend tranquility with dynamism, tradition with modernity. The application of contemporary materials is not merely ostentatious but rather reveals the restrained demeanor of Eastern culture through careful consideration. Three representative works from the selected 'Homeland' series are exhibited. The 'Homeland' series, initiated in 2016, primarily explores the possibility of interpreting the essence of Eastern traditional culture through contemporary art forms, with a focus on traditional themes. It advocates the spirit of literati, elucidates the relationship between humans and nature, and further delves into the profound connotations of life. Resembling literati paintings, the artworks express contemplation of contemporary issues and a longing for peace through lyrical depictions of objects. Cai Zhisong has created a pure land through sculpture, presenting the utopian poetry of his inner world.



1972 Born in Shenyang, Liaoning, China

1997 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts, Sculpture Department

1998-2008 As a teacher at Central Academy of Fine Arts, Sculpture Department


Solo Exhibitions   


Man of Virtue and Commitment: CAI Zhisong 2022 New Works Exhibition, Suzhou, China



Going Deeper: Cai Zhisong 2021 Solo Exhibition, Suzhou Museum, Suzhou, China

YUN: Cai Zhisong 2021 Solo Exhibition, Yang Gallery, Singapore



Blossom: Cai Zhisong 2019 Solo Exhibition, Shanghai Miaoyong Culture & Arts Exchange Center, Shanghai, China



INHABITING: CAI Zhisong 2018 Solo Exhibition, Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum, Suzhou, China

Casting Gold: Cai Zhisong solo Exhibition, JINCAI GALLERY, Hangzhou, China



Between Heaven and Man: CAI Zhisong 2017 Solo Exhibition, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China



Dimension of Spirit: Cai Zhisong Transboundary Art Exhibition, Mercedes Me, Beijing, China 



Rose Cloud Screen: 2015 Cai Zhisong First Solo Exhibition, Lake Ville GALLERY, Shanghai, China

Floating Rose: Cai Zhisong Solo Exhibition, TINA KENG GALLERY, Taipei-Taiwan

In Clouds: Cai Zhisong Solo Exhibition,  LEO GALLERY, Shanghai, China



Review of History: Cai Zhisong,  Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan, China

Between Cloud and Water: Cai Zhisong Arts Exhibition, Rockefeller Roserockca Art Club (Beijing) Beijing, China

Beyond the Cloud: Cai Zhisong Art Exhibition, Hong Kong Art Centre, Galerie Ora-Ora, Leo Gallery, Yang Gallery (Beijing) Exhibition at these four places at the same time  China



Ming to Modern, Newark Museum, New Jersey, USA



Rose and Clouds: Cai Zhisong Solo Exhibition, ARTMIA Gallery, Beijing, China

Cai Zhisong Solo Exhibition, MOCA, Singapore, Singapore



Cai Zhisong Solo Exhibition, National Museum of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

Cai Zhisong Solo Exhibition, Ode to Art Contemporary, Singapore, Singapore



Motherland: Cai Zhisong Solo Exhibition, Ming Art, Taiwan

Motherland and Rose: Cai Zhisong Solo Exhibition, Triumph Art Space, Beijing, China



Motherland: Cai Zhisong Solo Exhibition, China Square NY, New York, USA

Cai Zhisong Solo Exhibition, See+ Gallery, Beijing, China



Motherland: Cai Zhisong Solo Exhibition, SHiNE Art Space, Shanghai, China



Motherland: Cai  Zhisong Solo Exhibition, La Ke'er Art Center, Beijing, China

Motherland: Cai Zhisong Solo Exhibition, Highland Gallery, Beijing, China



Motherland: Cai Zhisong Solo Exhibition, Art Scene Warehouse, Shanghai, China



Motherland: Cai Zhisong Solo Exhibition, Belgium Embassy, Beijing, China


Group Exhibitions  



Towards a New Land: Tales of the Ancient, Pavilion: Suzhou Garden Art Festival, Suzhou, Beijing

Contemporary and the Future: the Invitation Exhibition of Haihe Art Museum, Tianjin, China

Great Tang All Day Mall: Xi'an Xinhua Bookstore Opening Exhibition, Xi’an, China



Clouds Rise Springs Flow: Contemporary Configuration of Chinese Traditional Aesthetics, Modern Art Exhibition Halls Suzhou Museum, Suzhou, China

Apocalypse of Art: Joint Exhibition of Artcloud Global Originality Art Center, Shenzhen, China

Classics of the Time: 2019 Chinese Sculpture Academic Invitation Exhibition, Heilan Art Museum, Jiangsu, China

2019 Chengde Contemporary International Art Series Exhibition, Art Dagao. Chengde Backstreet, Chengde, China



Ceremony & Daily: Cai Zhisong & He Wenjue Exhibition, J SPACE & KK MALL, Shenzhen, China 

The Poetry of Colors: Cai Zhisong & Philippe Caretti Art Exhibition, Yang Gallery, Beijing, China



Happy Chinese New Year: Fantastic Art China, The Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, USA



Cai Zhisong & Grace Chen Art Exhibition, HOUSE OF GRACE CHEN, Shanghai, China



Sculpture for Home: The First National Sculpture Exhibition, China National Grand Theatre, Beijing,  China

Return, The Riverside Art Museum Opening Ceremony, The Riverside Art Museum, Beijing, China

City Lights: The Contemporary Sculpture and Installation Art Exhibition of Shanghai, Cimen International Brand Center of Decoration Materials, Yun·Contemporary Arts Center, Shanghai, China



Ideas: Art Exhibition of Young and Middle-aged Sculptors, T-Space, Beijing, China

The Seventh Shenzhen Cultural Fair: The Image of Pingshan--Invitation Exhibition of Chinese and Foreign Artists in the Field of Sculpture, Shenzhen, China

Changwon Sculpture Biennale Moonshine Art Museum, Changwon, Korea



The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Collection Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

Sculpture Almanac Exhibition, China National Grand Theater, Beijing, China



Spirit: Cai Zhisong &Wang Xinggang Art Exhibition, Siemens Art Space, Beijing,  China

Cloud · Color: Cai Zhisong &Guo Feng Art Exhibition, Joy Place, Beijing, China

Sculpture China Museum of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing,  China



Chinese Pavilion at the 54th Venice International Biennial, Venice,  Italy

Black White, Zero Art Museum, 798 ArtDist, Beijing, China

Ru Shi: Chinese Contemporary Scene, Songzhuang, Beijing,  China

Mi Man Beijing: Reproduce Chinese Pavilion at the 2011 Venice International Biennial, Yue-Museum, 798 ArtDist, Beijing, China



Sharing with Classic, Beijing, China

Passing Territory-Chinese and Foreign Masters Fine Print Exhibition, Art Bridge Gallery, 798 ArtDist Beijing, China



CISAE 2009, Beijing, China

The 1st Youth Art Biennale in Chongqing, Chongqing, China

Revival of Tradition-Mountain, River, Text, and Memory Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt, Germany

Print Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Artists, Chongqing,  China

Our Love: Opening Show of Yan Gallery, Yan Gallery, Shanghai, China

Northeast Hotpot 1st Show of ACEA 2009 798 ArtDist, Beijing, China



The Return Imagination, See+ Gallery, Beijing, China

The Floating Art, Beijing, China

Changes, DR Gallery, Beijing, China



Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture, 798 ArtDist, Beijing, China



1st China Document, China World Art Museum, Beijing, China

China-Korea Art Exchange Show, 3818 Cool Galley, Beijing, China

Chinese Contemporary Sketches Exhibition, Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenyang  China

The Red Flag, 798 ArtDist, Beijing, China



Installation & Sculpture Exhibition Kennedy Art Center, Washington D.C., USA

Open Spaces Sculpture Exhibition, Beijing LOFTEL, Beijing, China

Cai Zhisong, Feng Feng Duo Exhibition, Art Scene China, Shanghai, China

Group Exhibition Chinese Artists Reed Savage Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA

Open Spaces CBD Art Space, Beijing, China

Passion and Force Group Exhibition, Yan Club Art Center, Beijing, China



Young Professors Show, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Middle Space Between the World and Paradise, Chongqing, China

60s to 70s Group Exhibition of Outstanding Young Chinese Artists, Today Art, Beijing, China

China, Imagination: China Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Palais Du Louvre Square, Paris, France

Celebrating the 55th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

The 10th Annual Art Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

Awakening: La France Mandarine, Hong Kong, Shanghai—China, Paris--France

Art Cologne 2004, Cologne, Germany

Invitational Exhibition Asian Art Exhibition, Frey Norris Gallery, San Francisco, USA

Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Brussels, Belgium



Today’s Chinese Art Exhibition, China World Art Museum, Beijing, China

China Sculpture Exhibition, Beijing, China

International Environmental Art and Sculpture Exhibition, Shanghai, China

The 1st Beijing Biennale, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

Changing Directions: The 1st Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Chongqing Art Museum, Chongqing, China

Multi-Focus: Contemporary Art Exhibition, Art Scene Warehouse, Shanghai, China



Professor's Sculpture Show, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China



Chinese Contemporary Art Touring Exhibition, Europe

Exceptional Sculpture Exhibition of International Fine Arts Presidents Forum, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

2001 Westlake Invitational Exhibition, The Westlake Art Museum, Hangzhou, China

Paris Autumn Salon, Eiffel-Branly, Paris, France



Invitational Sculpture Exhibition, Chongqing, China

55th Anniversary of Victory Against the Japanese, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China



Sculpture Exhibition of Eight Young Artists, Contemporary Art Gallery, Beijing, China

The 9th National Art Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China



The 1st Group Exhibition of Young Sculptors, Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China


Honor & Prize     



Honored Robb Report “Best of the Best” Annual Artist.

The “Man of the Year (Art)” in the 14th Esquire.

The “Most Ingenious Artist of the Year” in the 4th Beauty Touching at China

The “Art Leaders” in the 2017 China Collection Festival


Obtained the First Rockefeller Outstanding Chinese Young Artist Award                 

Obtained “Extraordinary Journey” 2014 Annual Influence Special Award for Artist 


Rated as China Mr 2013 in “Esquire”                 

Rated as “Global Chinese Fashion Leader”                


Awarded as one of the Global “100 Art Leaders”, and “Art Actuel” in France.                     

Honored as an “Art Authority Figure” and ranked in the global men’s power list                


Obtained the President’s Prize at the Central Academy of Fine Arts                  

Obtained Bronze Prize at the 10th National Art Exhibition                    


Obtained the Taylor Prize at the Paris Autumn Salon              


Obtained Gold Prize at the 55th Anniversary Exhibition of the Victory Against the Japanese 


Obtained Gangsong Family Fund Award                  


Public Collections (Partial)          


Newark Museum (U.S.A)             

Greek Museum                

Regensburg Museum, Germany                  

National Museum of Singapore                   

National Museum of Indonesia                    

Deutsche Bank-China             

National Museum of China                   

China National Museum of Fine Arts                 

Museum of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts               

China Sculpture Museum               

He Xiangning Art Museum,                

Zhejiang Art Museum                    

Chongqing Art Museum                

Changchun Sculpture Art Museum              

Peking University research center of aesthetics                 

People’s Government of Changchun Municipality                  

People’s Government of Shijiazhuang Municipality                

People’s Government of Yantai Municipality                  

Art Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts

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