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C Square Gallery 於 2024 年 3 月 16 日至 5 月 19 日呈現由挪威籍藝術家范妮·布洛達爾(Fanny Brodar, b. 1971, Norway, based in USA)策劃的國際聯展—— “Fractals”。

C Square Gallery proudly presents the "Fractals" international group exhibition curated by Norwegian artist Fanny Brodar (b. 1971, Norway; based in the USA) from March 16 to May 19, 2024.

About Fractals

The term "Fractal" was coined by French mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot (1924-2010). It refers to a complex geometric pattern that repeats itself on different scales, with each part exhibiting a similar shape when scaled down. Natural phenomena such as snowflakes, lightning, and ferns often display fractal characteristics. Fractals have revolutionized the way we perceive and understand natural phenomena, inspiring research, and creativity across various domains.


Brodar firmly believes that Mandelbrot is a storyteller who skillfully narrates the shaping of the world. Her fascination with this concept led her to make "Approximate Perfect Symmetry" in fractal theory the centerpiece of the exhibition. She handpicked three other artists whose work resonates with this idea and showcased her own. Although each artist has a radically different style, they all discover a connection in nature and portray their methods of viewing the world. Together, they create a harmonious resonance among kindred spirits that is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

關於 Fractals

“Fractal”中文譯為「碎形」,源自法國數學家本華·曼德博(Benoit Mandelbrot,1924-2010,France)提出的幾何學概念。廣泛而言,“碎形”是指一個由粗糙的幾何形狀重複組合而成的整體,並且每一部分都呈現出整體縮小後相似的形狀。例如雪花、閃電、蕨類等自然現象皆具有碎形特徵。自曼德博提出「碎形」概念後,設計師和藝術家們便癡迷這為人們帶來全新的世界觀,詮釋自然景觀的觀點。



Installation View








范妮‧布洛達爾 Fanny Brodar

參展藝術家|Exhibited Artists


Fanny Brodar, Matthew F. Fisher, Mike Okay, Christina Zimpel

貴賓預展|VIP Preview

公眾展期|Public Day
2024.3.17 - 5.19

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